an invitation to be part of a mosaic

What’s your favourite way of working?
Do you prefer to beaver away on your own, preferably in a quiet room?
Do you prefer to be at the head of a group, telling people your hopes and dreams for the work you’re doing?

I prefer to work with people who share my passions – for God, for justice, for a better world – because as little as I like to admit it most of the time, I can’t do everything. Other people have skills and gifts and experiences that are different to mine, and, wonderfully, they often overlap and connect with mine, meaning that when we sit down together and pool our resources we can do a lot more. The times I spend in a quiet room reading (believe me, I like to work like that) provides refreshment and ideas for that work; the confidence I have to be at the front of a room or head of a group can help us to focus, or to take our ideas from our group into other groups; and the people I have around me help to keep me from getting lost in my thoughts or from turning everyone around me into puppets.

Yes, from time to time there are difficulties, sometimes of our own making, and we do have to work really hard at our relationships. But in general, it’s the most effective and most enjoyable way of working I’ve found. And it’s the way Jesus did it – bringing the disciples together to be a group that worked together for the Kingdom, each with their own gifts and roles, but united in a common purpose. And they gave us the church, where we can carry on doing that.

web icon 300x300pxSome friends and colleagues and I are putting together a space where people can come together to connect and collaborate as they pursue God’s heart for justice. It’s called Mosaic, and it’s taking place on Saturday 21 June at St Mellitus College in London. At the heart of the day will be three workshops which will create an open space for you to collaborate with each other and with experts to shape responses to some specific issues and develop a plan to live this out. Our dream for Mosaic is that it will be a part of sending out new groups of disciples to seek the Kingdom, creating movements that share God’s heart for justice in the world. We believe that each of us brings our own gifts and passions to the drawing board, to work together, with him to transform our world. This is your invitation to be a part of that.

Collaborate from Mosaic on Vimeo.