A quick follow up

Just a quick follow up to Monday’s post about STAND, as a few people asked about what has happened since we took the petition to Theresa May.

The other important news to tell you is that the law-change asked for with the STAND petition is moving forward.  The Modern Slavery Act is currently in draft form and will move forward into the proposal of the Final Bill and the writing of an action plan which will hopefully be published in the spring this year.

The process of a Bill becoming Law (an Act of Parliament) is somewhat long-winded, but very thorough, so can take a long time. It goes something like this:

1.Draft bill take to House of Commons/Lords
a. 1st Reading. This is the formal introduction where there is no debate about the bill being proposed.
b. 2nd Reading. This offers opportunity for a debate on the general principles of the Bill.
c. Committee Stage. This gives a thorough, line-by-line, examination of the Bill and amendments of the Bill are proposed.
d. Report Stage. This is the chance for the whole House to discuss and amend the Bill, debating on any amendments made. This can sometimes take days.
e. 3rd Reading. One final opportunity for debate on the Bill, although this is usually short and specific to the content of the Bill rather than what could have been. The House the decides whether to approve the third reading of the Bill.

2. This then goes to the other House and the whole process repeats, although with some differences (for a full plan of how it happens, go here)

3. Both houses then agree on the exact wording of a Bill and consider any amendments from both Houses (Lords and Commons). This can take a while as a Bill can go back and forth between the Houses as the consider amendments and agree on specifics.

4. Finally, once the Bill has completed all its stages in both Houses it needs to receive the Monarch’s agreement, Royal Assent, to make the Bill into an Act of Parliament, making it a law.

The Modern Slavery Bill is currently at the Committee Stage in the House of Commons, so there is a long way to go yet!! Please keep praying!