We will speak out

I just want to give a big shout out to some of the amazing work that my friend and colleague Veena is doing in South Africa and across the world to fight sexual violence.

Last week she helped facilitate the start of a Survivor’s network in KwaZulu-Natal of those who have experienced sexual violence. This group of amazing women came together to share their stories and strategise on how to engage the church in creating the environment for survivors to be healed and have a voice.

Then on Friday Veena helped facilitate a gathering of key church and civic society leaders in Durban, where these amazing women disclosed for the first time in public what they had experienced, and then engaged the church leaders on what the church can and should be doing to help survivors of seal violence.

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Veena facilitated the launch of the Silent No More campaign in South Africa. The launch was hosted by the Archbishop in the Pretoria cathedral and he flew up to Pretoria especially for this. Tearfund, partnering with key church and government stakeholders, is at the forefront of engaging the church on this issue and there was amazing publicity, including on the national news channel SABC!

I spoke to her this morning and she is being pursued by donors and key people to step up the work against rape as a weapon and other Sexual Violence activity in Congo as well as helping find refuge for women in South Africa.

I feel that Tearfund is tapping into something really on God’s agenda with Veena’s work on ending sexual violence which in many countries in endemic. We have a vision and a plan to end sexual violence in 150 communities in 15 nations. We have started in four nations and are on the cusp of bringing about significant change and impact.

I wanted to share because I am proud of my friend Veena- her commitment, hard work, bravery, passion and prayerfulness.

I would love you to pray for her and the work we are doing.

I would love you to take action- you can find some ideas here

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