Can I really make a difference?

UCB Banner A couple of months ago I headed up to UCB’s studios to record an interview for their weekly ‘Life Issues’ slot. We spent a couple of hours talking about what God has to say about food and hunger. This has now been turned into four short podcasts for you to keep and reflect on.

In the final part we talk about how our individual attitudes and choices about food can make a difference to people on the other side of the world.  We end by thinking about the vision presented in Micah 4 and what life will be like on the mountain of the Lord, when:

Everyone will sit under their own vine
and under their own fig tree,
and no one will make them afraid,
for the Lord Almighty has spoken.


Previous Episodes: 

  1. Talking about Food.
  2. The Community that eats Together
  3. Having Enough