a picture of what we’re up to

Earlier this year I shared an infographic showing how the Cinnamon Network had been doing. We’ve started creating these every six months so that we can get a sense of the progress we’re making and so that we can reflect upon whether we’re still on the right course (God’s course!).

The big exciting thing in the last few months has been the network winning the Big Society Award, as an acknowledgement of its work supporting projects and churches to transform their communities across the UK – but it’s probably more important that we’ve been continuing and increasing our support of churches taking up community franchises to make this happen, as well as building more partnerships to help raise awareness of the things that become possible when the Church and when Christian organisations start to engage in their local neighbourhoods.

This week, for example, was The Cinnamon Network’s first Church and Civic Engagement Forum, where 175 people came together to hear about and discuss the opportunities for engaging strategically with local authorities.  It was great to feel the energy in the room, and the enthusiasm to tackle challenges and take opportunities to work alongside our civic institutions.  The next forum will be in November – and we’ll be thinking about how you achieve professional excellence and spiritual passion, which is one of the things that I am especially passionate about.  Do join us.

TCN June 2013