Great time at Big Church Day Out

Last weekend I was at Big Church Day Out . You can find out about it here.

I arrived back from Thailand on Saturday morning and went straight from the airport to the campsite. It must have made sense at some point but not a lot of sense at 7am on Saturday morning!

I mention this because by the time I arrived at the site I was just a little bit jet lagged and grumpy. I have also been to an awful lot of Christian events and can be a little bit jaded about them. And yet here I am writing a review because I had a great time and was really impressed by this event.

I need to confess that I know the organiser and I was a guest because we might do some work together in the future. However in all other respects I was a participant who camped with his family and joined in with the programme.

And the programme was great. There was lots to do for the children and lots of it was included in the ticket price so parents weren’t getting scared every time they walked by something interesting! There was a great tea tent run by Tearfund which served awesome cream teas and was arranged around a smaller stage with a great programme through the afternoons and evening. There were interesting food vans and a great exhibition and three main stages of music. There was a great mix of music to cover all ages and tastes and a really strong theme of worship and reverence running through the event. It was holy ground.


1. Amy Grant followed by Watoto Children’s choir at the tea tent. Intimate and powerful

2. All age worship on Sunday morning. Led by a brilliant team from Arun Community Church an all age service that actually worked for all ages!

3. Amy Grant on mainstage. I learned that I knew the words to more Amy Grant songs than I thought I had listened to!

4. The final set with Matt Redman. Wrapped around a brilliant evangelistic talk we were in the presence of God, in a beautiful setting, with some amazing people. Perfect.