A new urban world

This Week I am hosting Ash Barker at Tearfund. Ash is the founder of Urban Neighbours of Hope and has written two great books: Make Poverty Personal and Slum Life Rising

The world is changing before our eyes. The majority of people, for the first time in human history, are now urban.  Nearly 100,000 people move into urban slums every day. Yet these places are also hubs of hope, progress and dignity. Tearfund partnersInspired Individuals and network friends are already working in urban areas around the world responding to the increase in violence, domestic abuse, gang culture, brokenness, vulnerability and pain.

We are spending some time with Ash thinking through:

– What does our Christian faith and mission have to offer this new urban world?

– What is Good News when so many face the rising tide of urban injustices?

– How can we pray?

It would be great if you joined us in thinking about these things and especially praying. We have produced a prayer guide to help you pray  either his week or over the coming months. You can use the prayer guide as part of your personal reflections or share with your fellowship groups and churches as part of a series of prayer meetings.

The free prayer guide is available here.