Act Justly Now- Habit 12: Bible!

In the book of Micah we are commanded to ‘Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God’. In Galatians Paul recalls being encouraged by the other apostles to ‘remember the poor’ as he preached the gospel. His response was to declare that he was most eager to do just that!
These weekly tips are to help us start seeking justice wherever we are. They are small, practical steps that we can all do and that together will make a huge difference. I want to take my personal justice seeking up a level this year and so I am going to try something new each week.
I hope you will join me.


Act Justly Now- Habit 12: Bible!

Last week…

Last week was about worship and in particular remembering Jesus, his death and resurrection. It was especially about renewing my walk with Jesus. Letting him clean me, speak to me astonish me again with his grace and mercy. I felt renewed in hope and courage that we can make a difference. That the world can change. Because He changed everything.

What am I going to do this week?

This week is about the Bible. I am going to take three passages and think through what they teach about seeking justice and serving the poor. The passages are Isaiah 58, Deuteronomy 15, and Luke 4:16-21

How am I going to do this?

I am going to dig into each of these passages by looking for any commands or warnings from God. I am looking for examples to follow or avoid particularly regarding justice for the poor. In the Luke passage Jesus is reading from Isaiah, who in turn is referring to Leviticus 25 so I am going to try to understand what he was referring to when he says ‘Today this has been fulfilled’. I am going to blog my thoughts on these Bible passages over the next few weeks.

Going Deeper?

I want my life to be lived in obedience to God. As a Christian I want my life and thinking and work to be shaped by the Bible. In particular I want to understand what the Bible teaches about justice and concern for the poor. I don’t want to be a humanitarian if that is a distraction from the things God commands but equally I dare not seek justice if that is an integral part of being a Christian.

Will you join me?
It would be great to have friends for the journey and so if you start doing this then do let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at
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