Most viewed…

I have been checking out the statistics and information for this website and blog and picked out the top three most popular posts of the last quarter. So in reverse order….

The third most read post was the first in the ‘Act Justly Now’ series. This is a weekly series of tips for how to act justly and love mercy in small but significant ways every day. We are up to number 11 but the first one was all about prayer. You can find it here. I am glad that this was in the top 3 as I passionately believe that our activism needs to be rooted in prayer and our prayer life needs to give birth to deep activism.

The second most popular post was ‘A gospel of evacuation or transformation‘. This is another passion of mine. That as Christians we understand that God has saved us so that we might make a difference in the world not just be taken out of the world.

The top post was the new podcast series with the first offering: Understanding Integral Mission. If you missed it you can get it here.

Do let me know if there is anything you would like to see covered on the site.

God bless and Happy Easter.