Please pray for Syria

Today Tearfund are joining with other agencies like Save the Children, Oxfam and Amnesty International who are encouraging people around the world to hold candlelit vigils on Thursday 14th March to highlight that two years on the conflict in Syria is still ongoing.

We’re asking you to hold candlelit prayer vigils on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March to to pray for peace for the people of Syria

Why pray for Syria now?

Friday 15th March 2013 marks two years since the start of the Syria conflict.

Over a million Syrians have now fled the country as the conflict at home escalates, and millions of people have been displaced within the country. Many have been forced to leave everything behind. They have no shelter and are struggling to access food and have no certainty over what lies ahead. Tearfund partners are working to help meet immediate needs.

What you can do

The people of Syria desperately need our prayers in this time of conflict and uncertainty. Use these ideas to facilitate a candlelit prayer vigil with your family, friends and church members. Download and print out this Syria prayer guide to help inform your prayers.

Candlelit Prayer Vigil Guidelines


Print out copies of the prayer for Syria
Arrange candles in a circle and light them*

For the vigil:

Gather with other friends, family, and/or church members
Use the information above to give some background to the situation
Read one of the following Bible passages:
Matthew 5:3-10; Matthew 5:14-16; John 14:26-27, or Psalm 46.
Spend some time in silent prayer remembering the millions of people affected by the conflict in Syria
Lead a time of open prayer where people can pray aloud
Read out the written ‘Prayer for Syria’. You could invite people to read a line each.
Close by praying The Lord’s Prayer together

Do continue to pray for Syria over the coming days, weeks and months. Visit for further news to guide your prayers.

A prayer for Syria

Almighty God
Today we remember before you the people of Syria.
Our hearts ache for their pain and suffering.
Lord we ask for your comfort to be made known.

Loving Father
We pray for all who are responding in love in Syria and in the surrounding countries.
Bless them as they work day and night to help those in need.
Lord we ask for your mercy to be made known.

Prince of Peace
We ask you to raise up peacemakers
Grant discernment and wisdom to leaders and others with influence, that a road of peace may be found.
Please help us to be faithful in your ministry.
Lord we ask for your peace to be made known.

* Please be aware of candle safety – choose safe candleholders such as heavy glass, ceramic, tin or metal (not cardboard or wood). If holding a candlelit vigil outside, the base or holder should be much sturdier so as not to be blown over by the wind. A closed candleholder is preferred. Always monitor the base area when a candle has burned down.