Act Justly Now-Habit 5: Take notice

In the book of Micah we are commanded to ‘Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God’. In Galatians Paul recalls being encouraged by the other apostles to ‘remember the poor’ as he preached the gospel. His response was to declare that he was most eager to do just that!
These weekly tips are to help us start seeking justice wherever we are. They are small, practical steps that we can all do and that together will make a huge difference. I want to take my personal justice seeking up a level this year and so I am going to try something new each week.
I hope you will join me.


Act Justly Now- Habit 5: Take notice

Last week…

Last week I carried out secret acts of kindness. I did jobs that no one wanted to do, left chocolate in unusual places and gave gifts. All done in secret. I leaned that blessing people is a lot of fun! I also noticed that my awareness of the people around me changed. Rather than just rushing on with life I was wondering what would bless them and how I could bless them. I noticed the people around me a lot more.

What am I going to do this week?

Building on last weeks action I am going to take notice of people around me. In particular I want to notice the people that I interact with regularly, who I often rely on but who live at the margin of my consciousness. I am going to notice the people at the edge of my world and bless them.

How am I going to do this?

I am going to notice the people that are in my world but whom I hardly notice. The people that I pass by every day in the corridor.The people whom I talk to only to ask for something like the lady in the coffee shop and the man at the petrol station. The people on whom I rely like the postman and the people who co-exist with me at work or church but whom I only ever nod at and smile. Having taken notice I am going to talk, find out a bit about them, say thank you.

Going Deeper?

One of the amazing things about Jesus is that in the middle of a busy day or a crowded situation he would notice an individual. Matthew 9 tells one such story. Jesus stopped what he was doing and put aside the demands of the crowds and his disciples so that he could take notice of one woman. He talked with her and listened to her and healed her. One woman noticed in the middle of a very busy day with lots of important stuff going on. And we are called to be like Him. Noticing people is important. We too easily blank out the homeless person in the shop doorway or the ‘unimportant’ people from our lives. Pretty soon we are blanking out the refugees on the news programme and hungry reported in our newspapers. The beginning of compassion and justice is to take notice of the people around us- and then act.

Will you join me?
It would be great to have friends for the journey and so if you start doing this then do let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at
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