Call2Compassion and Justice

red lightAs I mentioned before – for the last year a group of friends has been working together on a gathering in Mumbai to accelerate strengthen local churches ability to serve their communities with word and deed in the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to learn from our brothers and sisters in Mumbai how to live authentic mission in an urban context of poverty and wealth. I hope you will join us. It will be amazing.

For a flavour – my assistant visited Mumbai last year as part of our work on this event, and wrote this piece on her experience of some of the work being done in the city. The churches in Mumbai are doing some really amazing, transformational work in their communities, and we are so inspired by them – and we want other people to get to hear about it and learn from it.  There is something truly powerful about God’s people from all over the world coming together to share visions, ideas and experiences to help grow the Kingdom.  We’re praying that the Call2Compassion and Justice will be this kind of place where God will move.

The details are below and the website is here –  make sure you take advantage of the early bird rate!