Act Justly Now-Habit 4: Random kindness

In the book of Micah we are commanded to ‘Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God’. In Galatians Paul recalls being encouraged by the other apostles to ‘remember the poor’ as he preached the gospel. His response was to declare that he was most eager to do just that!
These weekly tips are to help us start seeking justice wherever we are. They are small, practical steps that we can all do and that together will make a huge difference. I want to take my personal justice seeking up a level this year and so I am going to try something new each week.
I hope you will join me.


Act Justly Now- Habit 4: Random kindness

Last week…

Last week I joined the IF campaign to end hunger. I learned that while it is vital to have personal integrity and live for justice as an individual, it is also vital to join with others so that we can work together for major change in the world. I learned from the campaign that big problems like world hunger can be solved but that it will take effort and thought and action to solve them. I am guessing that we will return to the If campaign at key moments of the year in these Act Justly Now habits.

What am I going to do this week?

This week I am getting secretive! I am going to plan secret acts of kindness for the people around me. Every day I will find someone whom I want to bless and encourage and help and do something for them in secret.

How am I going to do this?

This is where the fun starts! It might be a gift like leaving chocolate on their desk while they are away or hiding a present for them in their bag. Or it might be working out something that would really bless them (like cleaning up!) and doing it without being asked and without telling. Or it could be praising someone to other people behind their backs- as opposed to the other kind of talking we do behind each other’s backs. The key thing is taking the time to think about what would really bless that person and then working out how to do it so that they will never know it was me!

Going Deeper?

So this weeks habit is a lot of fun but it is based on some pretty serious teaching. In Matthew 6, in the middle of his discipleship course for new disciples, Jesus talks about the secret place. The idea is that we all have our inner secret place or our thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs and fantasies. No one sees it apart from us. It is who we are when no one is looking. Our core being. In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches us to look after our secret place. We often fill up our secret place not with fantasies of power or lust or wealth or self-pity or pride or all the other things that we hold close. Jesus talks about three attitudes that should fill our secret place- intimacy with God through prayer, self control through fasting and love of others through generosity. So this habit is about cultivating generosity in the secret place. To start being aware of others and their needs more than our own. To start actively working to bless others than simply seek our own blessing. And Jesus promises us that our Father, who sees in secret, will reward us.

Will you join me?
It would be great to have friends for the journey and so if you start doing this then do let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at
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