What would you like your country to be famous for?

I came across this great little film of people sharing their hopes for their nations. There is something very powerful and brave about speaking out a positive aspiration and dream. It is all the more powerful and brave because the people in this film are all from countries that are usually being talked about for all the wrong reasons. It’s amazing how easy it is to develop some seriously negative views about places when all we here are negative stories.

Same with people. We end up believing the worst about people when we have been exposed to their worst- their selfishness and grumpiness and failings. We forget that while those things might be true they are not the whole truth. The whole truth is a bit more complicated and includes all the beautiful things alongside the ugly.

And the same for us. We end up believing the negative things that others say about us and that we say about ourselves in our own hearts. The most powerful negative things are powerful precisely because they are at least a little bit true. But they are not the whole truth. The whole truth includes the truth about redemption and grace and belonging with God and all the endless possibilities that those things bring.

So, have a watch of the film and be inspired that there is a future and a hope for every nation and every person. And then there’s some homework.

After I watched the film I spent some time speaking out what I pray the UK will be famous for.

I then spoke out the whole truth about some of the people I had been thinking negatively about.

Finally I thought about me. The negative things that are true and that I so want to leave behind and the whole truth about God’s love for me and redemption of me. I named some things that I want to be this year in my character and relationships.

I was never very good at New Years resolutions but these New Year’s declarations were powerful

What would you like your country to be famous for?


What do you hope and pray that your country will be famous for this year?