The perfect Christmas thought

My friend Tom Yaccino sent me this piece by Walter Brueggemann.

May Christmas come to you

Matthew prepares us right at the edge of Christmas. He gives us an angel’s message in a dream that is beyond our control or expectation. He tells us that it is God’s Spirit who makes all things new through this baby, and he names the baby twice. The baby is named Save, and Jesus saves from all that kills and is flat and sad. He names the baby God is with us, and we are not alone. Notice that this story does not ask us to do anything. But I believe it invites us to be dazzled. It invites us to ponder that, while our world feels unsavable, here is the baby named Save. Our world and our lives often feel abandoned, and here is the baby named God with us. So we are to be ready to have our lives and our world contradicted by this gift from God. We may rest our lives upon the new promise from the angel and we may be safe and we may be whole and made generous because Christmas is coming soon