So many books, so little time

One of the things I love over Christmas- between the family, friends and food- is the chance to read. I have been wondering about a number of books and have narrowed it down to three. That of course could all change depending on Santa…

So, I was just wondering whether anyone has read any of them and can make a recommendation?

Godly Ambition: John Stott and the Evangelical movement by  Alister Chapman. A more academic biography of one of evangelicalism’s pre-eminent leaders. This is directly relevant for my academic research and also looks a really good read (rare combination?)

Justice: Whats the right thing to do by Michael Sandel. Legendary Harvard course of Justice shrunk wrapped into a readable volume! Digs deep into how we decide that something is just or unjust. A speed read through various rights and justice approaches including utilitarianism, Rawls and Aristotle.

A brief history of thought by Luc Ferry. It might be brief but it does manage to give an overview of western thought from the Stoics through to the modern period. Ferry concentrates on the great intellectual shifts from stoicism to Christianity to modernism/humanism to post-modernity to contemporary philosophy. He considers how each successive movement succeeded by answering basic questions of how we should live in a more satisfying way than its predecessor.

So, any of those appeal to you? Any other suggestions? How about voting on what I should read. There are buttons on the side!


Happy Christmas