A great year for LIV in Durban

For the last few years many of us in Soul Survivor have been inspired, challenged and encouraged by Tich and Joan Smith and their vision for giving a better start to thousands of vulnerable children in the Durban area. Well, that vision is now reality. Many of us have prayed and given money and this is the fruit.


To all our LIV friends and partners,

We want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your support, encouragement, love and prayers.

2012 has been a ‘growth spurt’ year as LIV developed from a new-born to a runaway toddler.
If we had to describe how we feel, as we watch a 15 year vision become a reality, it would be summed up in three words: “what a privilege”.

To be entrusted with the outworking of the Village is exciting, as we see lives being transformed before our eyes, humbling as we witness the body of Christ coming alongside us in so many different ways, and encouraging as we experience the support from business, Government and many individuals. it is indeed a privilege to be a small part of a beautiful picture that our wonderful Jesus is painting.

We have seen the birth of the LIV School which is like a flower beginning to bloom. We listen in amazement as 14 of our children play the National anthem on the violin, and marvel that not so long ago these same children were on the street and even worse circumstances.

We wept at the polished performance the whole school presented at their end of year Christmas pageant and realise that these children now have a future and endless opportunity to reach their full potential and go on to become contributing citizens bringing about positive change in our nation.
Each one of you is making this possible and together we can rescue, restore, raise and release thousands more stars.

When Elliott and Dolly Sonjica felt their time on the village was up, we believe God asked us if we would go. On the 10th December we packed our bags, left our home, and moved onto the Village. This is a brand new season for us and although we are excited about this time, we also know the massive responsibility that we have to look after these precious children. We believe we need to ‘live it’ to better understand the dynamics and challenges.

Every day we see miracles. Today, 8 year old Thandi (not her real name), came into our farmhouse, and hugged me (Joan). She asked me how long we were staying and if we would still be here for Christmas. She said she wanted to stay here forever, and did I also want to stay. She chatted away and then ran outside to ‘do ballet’ with her 2 friends. As I sat on the veranda step and watched them I marvelled that just 2 weeks ago this little girl arrived broken and defiant, biting the other children, refusing to listen, or talk, or allow any of us to come near her. She has been rejected, abandoned, and worse, so many times in her young life, but she has finally found a family, a place to call ‘home’ and unconditional love. We embrace the journey and look forward to all God is going to do in the lives of these children.

Together we can.

Tich and Joan