a united digital me

Social media is a part of all our lives now. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, blogger, wordpress, smart phones, tablets… In the majority world we can all be digitally connected pretty much all of the time. And most of the time, it’s wonderful: we can maintain global networks, keep up-to-date with our friends who are moving around the world, and share information about the work that we’re passionate about with as many people as might be interested.

But sometimes it can feel as if our digital identities might be getting spread a bit thin – we post this on facebook, and that on twitter, and a longer reflection on our blogs, and those who follow our activities can get lost as we all move from place to place.  For those of us who have lived with analogue radio it’s like being a bit like getting too far from the radio mast: the signal starts to break up, the sound gets fuzzy, and sometimes a signal from France finds its way into the mix, adding to the confusion!

I don’t really want that to happen to me. After years of working it out, I know who I am, what I’m passionate about, and what I have to share with the world – and while I love twitter, and facebook, and my blog for all the different things they offer, I also want to keep ‘myself’ together on the internet. So, I’ve decided to start a weekly newsletter, which will bring together the highlights of my online world each week, and give a little extra insight into the things that I’m thinking, doing and planning.

If you’d like to receive it, you can sign up here, or through the link on my website’s sidebar.