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A couple of months ago I was chatting with an elderly but vibrant lady from Central Asia who had introduced herself to me at a conference in Europe. She told me that she wanted to say thank you and that she wanted to tell me her story.

Around sixteen years ago she was desperately trying to help some persecuted and struggling widows and orphans in her very poor country in an incredibly difficult situation. She had heard of Tearfund and applied for a grant. She was successful and received some money. The problem was she had never done this before. All her energy and skill was spent on working so hard in helping her community that she wasn’t very good at writing about it. Some months later she realised that she had made mistakes on the application form and mistakes in the work. Overcome with the emotion of that realisation all these years later and talking in her third language she kept telling me that she had made eighteen mistakes. I never quite grasped what those mistakes were but over and over she kept repeating simply that she had got it wrong.

She was a women of integrity and so wrote to Tearfund to explain herself and offer the money back. Her voice was still filled with wonder when she explained to me that her offer had been refused. More than that, the Tearfund person came to visit her and explained that while praying over her letter the team had felt that God was calling them to serve her. She told me how they had sat with her, prayed with her and helped her with her project. That when she was ready to give up they helped her find courage and hope. She already had passion and vision and so they sent her for training in project management, fundraising and report writing. By the end of the course she had three other proposals accepted from other funders.

Sixteen years later, finding herself next to one of the leaders of Tearfund, she still wanted to express her gratitude. Not just for the grace, commitment and trust shown to her that enabled her to keep going, but for the ten thousand children her project now serves with health and education every day.

I don’t know the colleagues who believed in her but I know that the small seed of faith they planted sixteen years ago has delivered great fruit. And I was very proud to be part of such an organisation.

I have never done this before on my blog but I want to ask you if you would consider being part of this continuing story.

Tearfund’s ability to get alongside amazing people like this lady depends on thousands of people investing in our work each month. Contracts and grants from governments and large trusts are great and wonderful in scaling up work but those organisations often struggle with the idea of investing in a vulnerable person because you sense God is with them. Yet it is exactly those relationships and investments that have defined Tearfund’s involvement in advancing the Kingdom of God, to the glory of Christ. It is this ability to follow the Holy Spirit that has led to us working with some extraordinary people doing amazing work in the most difficult of circumstances. Often such people are easy to miss on earth but are very well known in heaven. We would like to find more of them and invest more in them. If you would like to be part of the story then you can find out how to get involved here.

Just so you know that this is personal, I was a Tearfund supporter before I became a staff member and all my experience of being part of Tearfund keeps me as a supporter. if you were to join me I wonder what the fruit will be from the seed you plant?

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on “Join in the story
One Comment on “Join in the story
  1. Hello David,
    My friend Jennifer Lentfer directed my to this great post. I work with a small faith-based NGO based in California and we partner with a number of dedicated, inspired community leaders in Africa. I’d love the chance to connect some of them with Tearfund to continue their locally-run development projects. Do you accept grant requests or is there another way to connect?

    Thank you for sharing about the trust and affirming spirit that drives Tearfund’s work.