I can’t change the world

I am at the Micah Network conference in Switzerland with 320 people from all over the world sharing their stories of community mission, service and justice seeking. It’s great to be part of a global community who believe and live out the mission of God in word and deed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rene Padilla started the conference by saying

We are not people who believe that we can change the world but we believe in a saviour who can change anything

He was saying this to a room full of activists who spend their lives trying to change the world. You could almost feel the sigh of relief in the room as he spoke these words. He continued with a powerful exposition of the God who is absolutely committed to confronting injustice and changing the world and who in Christ, has done everything necessary to ensure that will happen. He encouraged us, when faced by overwhelming circumstances to dive deeper into God before rushing into activity.

I sat there thinking about some difficult situations I face right now. Not globally tragic situations just personally tough. I realised that I was practicing the presence of my problems rather than the presence of Christ. That I was praying my fears and worries rather than Gods grace and provision. That I needed to change my vision away from the problems and onto Gods work in Christ. That the starting point is to celebrate the compassion and authority of Christ to intervene rather than be dominated by the circumstance that needs his intervention.

And if that is true for me and my small concerns how much more for the real issues of poverty, injustice and need around the world. And maybe this is the foolishness of the gospel. That in the face of overwhelming need we turn to a broken man hanging on a cross. Foolishness maybe, but as Paul tells us, also the wisdom and power of God.

I cannot change the world…. But I know a man who can.

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on “I can’t change the world
One Comment on “I can’t change the world
  1. Indeed this is an encouraging message that makes some of us who are in leadership positions to re think our ethos, values and approaches as we address issues of poverty, inequality and injustices in our countries and respective communities.
    This reminds me of Zechariah 4 verse 6