One Voice prayer week – in the image of God

 As we near the end of the One Voice prayer week, we look at being in the image of God.

 This is an amazing point to reflect upon: God made us in his image.  It has vast implications for our lives: the way in which we view ourselves is just one effect.  Knowing that we as individuals were made by the same Creator God that moulded the incredible and vast universe can fill us with a confidence and a sense of purpose that defies much of what ‘the world’ tries to tell us.  It blows out the water all the pressures on image and so on that can distract us and undermine our worth; God has made us in his image, and loves us wholly.

This thought changes too how we view and treat other people.  Just as God made every person that you love, formed and shaped in his image, so too did he craft those you are less fond of.  They, too, have the Creator God as their designer.  Every one of us has a unique blueprint shaped by God.

We’re all designed to reflect God’s glory and radiate his love, and that means we all have the capacity to do so.  We have this potential as individuals, and when united as a global church this potential is magnified.

Pray, asking God to work in you so that you will reflect his love and light more and more brilliantly.

Ask God to help you see other people as he sees them – made in his own image. JDJ

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on “One Voice prayer week – in the image of God
One Comment on “One Voice prayer week – in the image of God
  1. Another great blog, David.

    I am reminded of a quotation from Rowan Williams on topic, one Gerald Coates cited to us a few years ago during his prophetic schools:

    “When i look at another human being – be that a businessman, a lady on the check out in Tesco, a poor person in the developing world – I am looking at somebody God is taking seriously and is speaking to…”

    Thanks for the timely reminder to call out the goodness in everybody we meet – because we all deserve a sense of dignity and have something of worth to contribute.

    Oh, and much appreciation on behalf of the Tearfund Media team for being so vocal about One Voice 2011 – it’s been a pretty amazing week.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what results from all of this time we’ve invested into prayer as the weeks and months unfold.

    God bless, Phill