One Voice prayer week – the environment

Today’s One Voice theme is the environment.

Interest in the environment seems to wax and wane with the headlines.  For a long time it wasn’t a subject often discussed; then, it became a political hot topic as governments moved environment-related issues to the top of the agenda; now it is more of a hot potato with controversy surrounding the extent of the effects of global warming.

Stories from across the world demonstrate that whatever the exact cause and effect of environmental change, in many places circumstances have indisputably deteriorated.   Hearing about the lives of those who solely depend upon the viability and productivity of their environment brings the stark realisation firstly of how removed we can become from the demands we make on the world’s resources, and also how delicate the balance is between living off the land and suffering at its hand.

At the very least, we need to be aware of these issues. There are so many ways in which we can respond: being responsible with the resources that we have here in abundance; keeping the pressure up on governments to make wise long-term decisions and investments in the environment; working to help those who are suffering because of floods, or drought, or over-worked land.

Today has been a prayer and fasting day at Tearfund, and the small pangs of hunger that come from missing a meal go some way to remind us of what others are experiencing. However, we can rest assured that we can choose to break the fast at any point and with any type of food we desire. So many people cannot.

Think about the things you love about the world around you, and thank God for them. And pray for those suffering now because of environmental damage. JDJ