One Voice Prayer Week – change

The One Voice theme for today is: change.

Some people don’t like change. It’s unsettling. It’s different. It throws us out of our ‘comfort zone’, confronting us with new situations and unexpected developments.

But God can use change to challenge us profoundly.  By surprising us and causing our lives to head in an altered direction, whether in a small way or to a significant degree, our eyes can be opened.  Lessons can be learned.  Exciting and positive opportunities can arise.  

In calling us to Him, God is asking us to change. This can be liberating, or a huge struggle, or a mixture of both depending on the moment.  If the change we make is rooted in the wrong motivation it can be fickle and momentary: think of Moses persuading Pharaoh to let the people go, and how many times Pharaoh retracted his changed mind.  Ultimately, however, it is in God’s hands and he will steer us through it; as Daniel states, God “changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others” (Daniel 2:20).

Spend some time today thinking about changes that have happened in your life and what God might be steering you towards. Thank God for loving his people so persistently, and pray for any change you wish to see in your life, local church, community and in the wider world. JDJ