One Voice Prayer Week – water

Welcome to Tearfund’s One Voice Prayer Week.

As I mentioned last week, we have chosen this week to celebrate and engage with the power of prayer, as part of our wider Global Poverty Prayer Movement.  One of the resources that have been developed to accompany this week is a Seven Day Prayer Plan, and today’s theme is water.

As I have blogged before (“It’s only water”), it is such a clear point that access to clean water, or lack thereof, is just another injustice that we witness in God’s world. Did you think about how immensely blessed you were this morning as you flushed the loo, washed your hands, filled up the kettle, had a shower? No, nor did I!  Of course, as with so many of the things we don’t consider as luxuries, many thousands of people around the world had to go to much further lengths than turning on a tap.

 A colleague shared this morning that in the formula for water we can see some of the character of God’s spirit: oxygen – gives life to all creation; hydrogen – can be explosive!  Perhaps today you might find time to give thanks for God’s gifts to us, pray for those lacking water around the world, and reflect upon the spirit of God – powerful and life-giving.