To pray as One Voice

There are days when the world feels tiny: you are surprised by the discovery of a previously unknown link with someone; you spot an acquaintance in the most unlikely setting; you talk via Skype with somebody on the other side of the globe in a different time zone and climate. “What a small world!”

Having said that, it is sometimes difficult to picture the body of Christ in all its vibrancy.  We know that the God we pray to is the same in little England as He is in every single nation across our world – but how often do we make time to CELEBRATE the wonder of it? We may not share the same language, but we are certainly united by the message of our faith and the joy of spending time in prayer.

I pray for the children in the shanty towns in Lima – please would you grant them safety and a good future.  Olinda, Peru

 Lord we thank you for the progress that has been made towards the Millennium Development Goals in Tanzania – We praise you that since 2003, three million more children are at school today. Hallelujah! Anon, United Republic of Tanzania

 May God bless Mozambique and especially those that are suffering because of the floods. That this situation creates opportunity to show the power of your love for this country Lord. Gerson Machevo, Mozambique

 Heavenly Father, our wee parish prayer group this morning cried out for Your presence, blessing, joy and peace in each of our lives to help us shine more for You no matter what the storms of life. Let us begin with ourselves, our families, our communities and then reach out across our world to our brothers and sisters everywhere – wherever You lead.  Philippians 4v6. All Saints & St Patrick’s, C’castle, NI, United Kingdom

 Lord Jesus, renew the hunger to pray in Australia. Let Your love of justice flow from a renewed vision of Your love and mercy to ALL. Release more prayer rooms and open the doors of the churches as Your Spirit comes to this nation in renewal power. Angela, Australia

 These are just a few examples taken from Tearfund’s community prayer space, a website where visitors are able to log their prayers and tag words onto others’, and in doing so link in prayer with people all across the world.  In setting up this site, Tearfund, in conjunction with 24-7 Prayer, is forming One Voice: a Global Poverty Prayer Movement. What does this mean? It means that we are actively demonstrating our passion for praying for those blighted by the world, and our firm belief that prayer is powerful.

Next week Tearfund is celebrating One Voice with a week of focusing on different ways of uniting the body of Christ in prayer: through creativity (printing prayers onto stars and displaying them in the building), movement (a prayer walk focusing on different regions in the world), a prayer and fasting day.  God has created us as a truly varied lot, and that includes how we like to pray!  It is both humbling and exciting to be able to pray for our partners about the incredible and challenging work they are involved in; equally to know that they will be sharing with us our hopes and concerns as we seek to help the lives of the poor.

This year’s One Voice is about being Lit up. Together. Around the world.

Because we want to be channels of God’s love – beacons of hope and lights in the darkness. Together.

When the people of God around the world light up like this – united as one global movement – together, we light up the darkness.

We are One Voice. The united body of Christ, praying together for an end to poverty. 

It is great to have the opportunity to dedicate a week to launching One Voice, but of course the importance of this movement goes beyond the confines of a short five days.  The struggles of those we pray for and the challenges mounted against any who seek change are beyond our own strength to resolve; whatever small steps or significant strides we have taken have been because of our Lord.  Tearfund is committed to the vision of bringing about spiritual and material change and we know we have a part to play as this small section of the body of Christ.  Pray with us. JDJ

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