I came accross some quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Life Together’ on Tim Chesters blog. It was one of those ‘Ouch’ moments so I thought I would share the pain! 

‘In confession there occurs a breakthrough to assurance. Why is it often easier for us to acknowledge our sins before God than before another believer? God is holy and without sin, a just judge of evil, and an enemy of all disobedience. But another Christian is sinful, as are we, knowing from personal experience the night of secret sin. Should we not find it easier to go to one another than to the holy God? But if that is not the case, we must ask ourselves whether we often have not been deluding ourselves about our confession of sin to God – whether we have not instead been confessing our sins to ourselves and also forgiving ourselves. And is not the reason for our innumerable relapses and for the feebleness of our Christian obedience to be found precisely in the fact that we are living from self-forgiveness and not from the real forgiveness of our sins? Self-forgiveness can never lead to the break with sin. This can only be accomplished by God’s own judging and pardoning Word. Who can give us the assurance that we are not dealing with ourselves but with the living God in the confession and the forgiveness of our sins? God gives us this assurance through one another.’ (113) 

‘But it is precisely for the sake of this assurance that confession is about admitting concrete sins. People usually justify themselves by making a general acknowledgment of sin. But I experience the complete forlornness and corruption of human nature, insofar as I ever experience it at all, when I see my own specific sins.’ (113) 

‘Does all this mean that confession to one another is a divine law? No, confession is not a law; rather, it is an offer of divine help for the sinner.’ (114) 


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on “Ouch!
One Comment on “Ouch!
  1. Great stuff that I will share with my men’s ministry group as we look to face into our sins together (James 5:16).

    And it reminded me also of my tendency to not be specific in my prayer generally. Surely I often miss the blessing of growing in faith as these prayers are answered!